From Rags To Riches! The Story of Skeem Saam Actor Kwaito Seakamela

The Story of Skeem Saam Actor Kwaito Seakamela

Skeem Saam actor clement Maosa is a living testimony of from rags to riches story. We can all agree that he got the flash and bling. He is not just an actor but a celebrated businessman and a law practitioner. Well, despite living large and living the life of style and glamour, it wasn’t all rosy for him growing up. But we can all agree that the Mzansi star actor is winning big both on and off-screen.

His story is usual to that of rags to riches, and we can all agree to that. Clement Maosa is a South African actor, and he is well known for the role of Zamokuhle” Kwaito”, who plays on Skeem Saam. He is from Polokwane in Limpopo, and he attended school there. Furthermore, he went to the University of Limpopo, where he studied Law.

The actor mentioned that he wanted to be a soldier when he grew up, but later in life, he decided to be an actor instead. Though he studied Law, Clement stated that his calling of being an actor was too strong. He worked in a Law field for like three months and abandoned it to become an actor. Ever since his choice to be an actor, Clement has become one of the most recognizable faces in Mzansi.

In the Drum interview, Clement mentioned that he hasn’t had it easy in his life. He lost his mother when he was still matric, and unfortunately, his father followed later when he was about to go off to University. ” I attempted suicide twice after losing both my parents. I felt like I had nothing to live for. Little did I know that my purpose is bigger.”


He also added that Varsity life also wasn’t easy because he didn’t have money for food. However, he persevered and graduated, but instead, he pursued his acting career, which he also didn’t have money for, but fortunately, he got the role and fell in love with the Kwaito character. He has been doing good ever since he even married the love of his life, and they have a beautiful baby boy.

In his journey, Maosa also ventured into music. He features on the King Monada track, Good Life. And he also has a single called Rhythm of Your Heart. Many of his fans were surprised when he ventured into music, but it’s always been something he loves. As if that’s not enough, he was also seen around attending dancing classes and tutoring.

His success comes from patience and resolution; had he not been patient with himself, Kwaito wouldn’t have come this far. Clement Kwaito Maosa attempted suicide twice after his mother and father died within one month. It was a sad period that he could not endure and just wished he would die too. Life had already been hard for their family, and with their parents gone, hell broke loose.

What also imposed pain in his mind was that he was getting ready to start studying for a law degree and the death of his parents was the end for him.

Clement life story can be summarized  in the phrase, “From rags to riches.” He has made his family proud of his success. He currently has a Net Worth of $300 000, and he gets a massive mass of his money from acting and radio djing. He has a fleet of exotic cars that includes BMX’s sports cars. Apart from his fleet, he also has several businesses across Limpopo.