Former Uzalo Actress Sihle Ndaba is now part of Gomora


Smangele in Gomora.

Sihle Ndaba portrays the character of Mam Ncebakazi Manzi, business studies teacher at Gomora High School. Mzanzi Magic confirmed the actress character on Gomora saying

“Manzi is a passionate and dedicated teacher who cares about her learners and she’s very excellent at her job. She dresses professionally but has a naughty side.

Mzanzi knows she’s hot, she low-key enjoys the attention and knows how to use it to her advantage.

Manzi will be a family friend of the Dlaminis and she’s on familiar terms with Melusi. Teddy will be one of her students and she’ll face dilemma of having a student expressing his interest in her.

Sihle is not new in the acting drama. She stated as Smangele in Uzalo. And she left the story after her storyline was concluded.

Sihle Ndaba revealed to Times Live that she got an announcement of her departure in Uzalo when she was on her way to New York.

She said

“I missed the hype because the press release was (sent out) two days before and I was already in the air. I knew it was coming so it wasn’t a surprise. It wasn’t like I found out in the papers that I was no longer going to be part of the show.”

She stated that she’ll miss her character in the show.

When they told me I was like ahh. I’m going to miss this character. Im going to miss telling Smangele’s story because it was very close to me. I hope and believe that it done what meant to do”. She said.