Emtee On Ambitiouz Entertainment : I Didnt Get 2 Bop For The Sales

Emtee On Ambitiouz Entertainment

Emtee On Ambitiouz Entertainment: I Didn’t Get 2 Bop For The Avery Album Sales

Emtee On Ambitiouz Entertainment Removing His Album From The Internet & Not Getting Any Royalties. It has once more been availed to the public that the war between Ambitiouz Entertainment boss and departed artists is far from over.

The latest rapper to express his utmost outcry about the treatment from the former label is Emtee. The Wave hitmaker took to Twitter reveal that his album Avery has been allegedly removed by the label on the internet. This comes after The Hustla revealed that the stable refuses to give him back his award trophies.

Not only has the Roll Up rapper been denied access to his work while he was with the label but he was denied royalties as well. He revealed on a Twitter that he never received a single cent from Avery’s album when it went Platinum.

“They removed Avery from the internet cos it sold Platinum plus and I never even got 2 bop for the sales,” wrote the 26 year old.

The last person who complained about AE’s I’ll treatment to3ards former players was Priddy Ugly. He went on a rant on Twitter to now deleted tweets claiming that the label was removed all the music he made while he was with them including EGYPT album.

He later came forward to clarify that it was a glitch from the Apple Music store team. Most still believed his initial statement on AE being involved but understood he may have been warned of the legal issues attached to posing accusations on a public medium.


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