Emtee JoHustleBurg saga may bring a lawsuit against him

Emtee JoHustleBurg saga may bring a lawsuit against him

Rapper, Emtee may face legal actions for using the word JoHustleBurg for his upcoming single, after being threatened with legal action, which would apparently prevent him from naming his upcoming single JoHustleBurg.

Mthembeni Ndevu who is famous as Emtee took to Twitter and revealed that he has no plans of changing the title of his upcoming single, JoHustleBurg. Emtee added that he would not cower to lies he alleges are meant to hinder his success. In a series of tweets, the Waves hitmaker revealed how he was threatened with legal action for allegedly copying a clothing labels’ logo for the single’s artwork, the unnamed complainant also claims that Emtee stole the term JoHustleBurg.

Emtee rebutted the claims saying he came up JoHustleBurg, but social media users were not buying it and countered that he is not the first rapper to use the term.

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