Durban Gen: Zandile and Precious Take Their Problems To A Bigger Level

Durban Gen

If there’s one thing that Precious (Lihle Dhlomo) won’t tolerate, it’s her freind Zandile (Sthandwa Nzuza) threatening to destroy her marriage with surgeon Thabo Dlamini (Meshack Mavuso) – at least, not without a fight.

Seeing that Thabo refuses to divorce Precious or resume their rapid affair, Zandile plays her last card at winning the surgeon’s heart this fortnight. With a leer on her face, Zandile pulls Precious into a hospital storeroom for a chat and she tells her that she’s about to reveal Precious’s secret to Thabo.

The warning is enough to send chills down Precious’s spine as the secret isn’t minor. It’s colossal: Precious went behind Thabo’s back and she had sex with his brother Sibusiso (Ntando Mncube) earlier to bear a Dlamini heir – their toddler son Mvelo – because Thabo is infertile.

Considering the damage that the revelation will cause in her marriage, Precious begs and pleads with Zandile. When Zandile insists on telling Thabo the truth about Mvelo’s paternity, Precious goes to drastic measures to keep her enemy’s mouth shut.

Precious thinks on her feet during the confrontation. She grabs Zandile from walking towards the door and the two women get into a nasty scuffle, in which Precious overpowers Zandile.

The fight is intense, especially for Precious. She is in survival mode, pushing and gripping Zandile. Precious isn’t thinking clearly. She grabs a rod and hits Zandile on the head. With Zandile passed out, Precious ties her to a bed and she locks Zandile in the storeroom while she buys time to come up with a plan.