Durban Gen: Dr Zulu and Zondo Dating In Real Life?

Durban Gen

Durban Gen – Mike Malwandla has been named Lindelani Zulu and Fanele Ntuli aka Thandekile Zondo. It is always dangerous for loved ones to see entertainers who are helped out of the show. Especially if the family seems to be well familiar with their private affairs.

Mike and Fanele today messed up the general public by sharing only their photos on Instagram. Mike wrote on the headline “I’m Back YOURS” and Fanele posted anonymous pictures “If I gave you your back it was human”

Mike Malwandla’s fanbase is actually a woman because of his sad eyes and dark skinned chocolate. Although she has not been open about her life, it seems that there may not be a desire for the women who are watching her when Fanele found her with her finger crossed.

Fanele Ntuli popularly known as Thandekile Zondo is a highly educated student who loves medicine and runs fast to become a “Medical Specialist around the world.” Mike Malwandla aka Lindelani Zulu is a talented artist who is now the head of Durban Gen.