Duma Thando Criticized For Showing Her Skin As A Mom.


Duma Thando Criticized For Showing Her Skin As A Mom.

Duma Thando the South African media personality come under the twitter-brigade after she post her picture with a revealing crop top. The picture shows Duma Thando’s full abs reminding everyone one that’s she’s a mother of 3 with a flames killer body.

Her funs started complimenting the body with Rebecca saying “Yoh how did you get it right with that flat tummy no lefura after birth? Life its unfair, some of us  3  yrs later still struggling to get rid of postpartum belly.

Duma replied to the tweep that all may not be as it seems and that she has worked on getting her poses right to ensure her waist looks snatched! She responded with “There’s a little bit of lefura there on the sides. Ke di right poses ngwanyana.

People seem to have forget that she is a mother of a 3yrs  old and not a new born. Nthando didn’t have a problem with reminding her fans that it’s been long she gave birth to her baby girl Sbahle  Mzizi.

Whilst Duma is still on compliments one of The Queen actress noticed few of her followers criticizing her outfit beside being a mom. She then retweeted Nthando’s post saying “If my mom revealed skin like this we would fight everyday. Nthando responded with “I’m glad I’m not your mom. Vele angikhulisi iy’ngane ezingana Mbeko ezilwa nabazali bazo”

Beside those who had something to say about her outfit, Nthando still been praised for raising  her daughter. A video was posted on Instagram on  the 9 September 2020 the mother-daughter bond was seen practising their daily promises which are said to create a positive mind-set and enable you to have confident attitude towards life.


Nthando was once again praised by her fans and friends who were amazed by Sbahle’s understanding towards the daily promises and understand the meaning behind it.

Fans also complimented her for raising a young girl with such important values and she was asked to continue what she’s doing even when she grows.