Duma Thando And Njeza Have Serious Friendship goals.


Thando Duma Hangs Out With Njeza At Work.

Thando Duma decided to surprise her best friend Nkanyiso Makhanya who portrays the character of Njeza on Uzalo by paying him a visit while he doesn’t know.

Thando is known to be Mzanzi’s female DJ. Thando Duma decided to surprise Nkanyiso and Twitter was in on it.

I have a surprise for my best friend, I’m at his work place and he doesn’t know. All he’s gone say is

“Haibo Wenja” lmao I can’t wait to see his reaction”

It turns out that the surprise went well as Thando posted a picture with Nkanyiso later on and captioned it

“I knew it while she wrote I Love you”

We have to say these two are serious friendship goals. The were even rumours that they are romantically involved but it turned out they just best friends.

Thando was raised at Orange farm by her mom and grandmother and she didn’t come from a privileged background.

Said Thando about her mom inspiring her

“My mom is a strong woman who taught me that going through tough times is a lessons to keep me going”

She also didn’t have her career on the middle side of a platter. She’s started at Bread Basket as a waitress, she was later promoted to being a supervisor but retrenched after 2 years.

She also auditiondd for South African Idols unfortunately she couldn’t make it. She kept on going and today she’s rocking the clubs and parties and sharing stage with other prominent friends entertainers.