Do You Agree? Hit A Like For Yes And Comment For No? Skeem Saam: 5 Most Annoying Characters

Here Are The 5 Most Annoying Actors On Skeem Saam

Do You Agree? Hit A Like For Yes And Comment For No

Skeem Saam: 5 Most Annoying Characters

At the moment Mokgadi Is the most annoying actress on Skeem Saam, Leeto does not deserve a wife like her. anytime the cops will show up at the door to arrest the Matloga family and we are holding thumbs not to arrest Leeto as well.

Mokgadi is exactly like her mother”. It’s sad to see that she is willing to do anything even if it will ruin her marriage to protect his son Noah as he feels that its the right thing to do,  all this is because if the guilty conscious for not raising Noah and protects his crimes instead of punishing him or showing him the right way of doing things.

Here Are The 5 Most Annoying Actors On Skeem Saam

  1. Here Are the 5 Annoying Roles About Mokgadi


When she joined Skeem Saam, she oozed confidence, had a career in journalism, and spoke her truth. But today she speaks another language; she’s become a housewife, a manipulative woman who puts her son’s needs above everyone else, including her husband.

 Noah’s Mom

Noah’s Mom would be better off without him. In fact, we secretly wish Noah would go live with his grandmother so that his mom wouldn’t have to deal with all his mischievousness. And we are tired of Noah apologizing all the time for the same thing and not changing. His mother deserves a better son!

Mary Matloga’s daughter

It’s true what they say, an apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. In this case, we wish it wasn’t true because Mary Matloga has been a terrible example to Mokgadi. Perhaps if she knew her father, she’d make better choices.

Leeto’s wife

Had Leeto not covered up a murderer secret; his wife would be singing a different tune from prison today. The two have become toxic towards each other and their marriage has become a joke.

Tbose’s sister-in-law

Had Thabo Maputla’s sister-in-law married him, instead of his brother, she wouldn’t have gotten away with half of the things she gets away with today. Tbose is great at finding out the truth better than his brother and before anyone because he used to be a liar too.

2. Leshole’s Mother: Out of the blue this lady decided to come into leshole’s life and she wants to control him, the worst is that he is emotionally blackmailing Leshole so that he takes care of his siblings whom he never met, Leshole’s mother does not care about leshole’s career as a pilot, she believes its a useless career choice

Here Are The 5 Most Annoying Actors On Skeem Saam

3.  Mmantuli

4. Meeiki Maputla