Davido Offers To Sell His Impressive Car Collection To Fight COVID-19


Davido Offers To Sell His Impressive Car Collection To Fight COVID-19! Celebrities all over the world are going the extra mile to help combat the spread of COVID-19 and Nigerian Afro-beats singer Davido wants to do the same for his own. The singer has shared that he wants to help the people of Nigeria who have been affected by the pandemic.

David (Davido) Adeleke is one of the many people who show compassion and always gives to those who are struggling to acquire basic living necessities. In a recent Instagram live post the star proved once again that he wants to do more to help those in need.

Recently, American rapper Meek Mill shared on his Instagram that he donated his dream car, which is a matte black 2018 Rolls Royce, to help people who have been impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic.

The ‘If’ hit maker was inspired by the selfless act that he shared Meek’s post on his Insta story asking if anybody from his hometown of Lagos would do what the ‘Going Bad’ rapper did. In another post Davido who allegedly has an impressive car garage worth over R9 million revealed that he wouldn’t mind selling his cars to help the people of Nigeria.

Reports have revealed that Meek’s grand gesture stemmed from the #AllInChallenge which is a challenge that has been taking the celebrity world by storm aimed at helping people by auctioning their possessions to feed families that are less fortunate.

Davido has also been doing the most for his community by donating rice and beans to feed the the hungry, among the many philanthropic acts which he does for the people of Nigeria. The Naija singer also has helped empower his staff as he recently bought a house for one of his hard working employees as well as paying study fees for his personal which he regards as family.


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