Cosmo Diale From Generations Real Age Shocks Fans


Ronnie Nyakale who is popularly known for his gangster roles of Cosmo Diale on SABC 1’s Generations The Legacy, Ding-Dong on Rhythm City and Papa Action on Yizo-Yizo has been in the entertainment industry for ages.  As much as people adore and love him for his acting skills and the types of gangsters he’s played in different shows, they do not know how old he is exactly.

The actor doesn’t seem to age and gives the phrase “Black don’t crack” a new meaning. He earned his reputation as the final bad boy from his role on Yizo-Yizo and his current gangster role of Cosmo Diale on Generations The Legacy. The truth about Ronnie’s real age is difficult to learn because he hardly mentions his real age in interviews. He was born in Soweto and is married with two children.

Ronnie is a private person who never makes any headlines for all the wrong reasons. A lot of actors apparently keep their real age a secret because of the career field he’s chosen. One is often judged by their age in the entertainment industry and this could determine which roles you could get and for how long you’ll play that role.

He currently plays the role of Lucy Diale’s older brother (played by Manaka Ranaka) on Generations and is the oldest child of Florence ‘Gogo Flo’ Diale. Without a concrete age, Ronnie can get any role he wants and he can continue playing his roles without any judgments. However, I did some digging and according to various websites Ronnie was around 41 years in 2015, which would make him 47 years this year, which would mean that he was born in 1974.