Connie Ferguson shows her biceps and Skii Touch exercise

Connie Ferguson shows her biceps and Skii Touch exercise.

Connie Ferguson has made it a habit to share her workout programs with her fans on Instagram. Lately, she was spotted showing her fans how she fans her biceps and Skii touch exercise. These are the exercises one does when focusing on the legs.

She showed that one does not need expensive equipment to keep their body fit. In fact, this is a good example of one of the home exercises the fans can pull off at home. The workout she performed was called Skii Touch because of the motion she did.

She worked on toning her arms in the extended motion, together with her legs.  Connie used two water bottles as the only equipment for the workout. The actress placed the bottles 1.5 meters apart and began reaching diagonally in a fast motion

Watch the Instagram video of the workout below.

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