Coming Up On Uzalo This Week

Coming Up On Uzalo This Week

Coming Up On Uzalo This Week

Firstly Sibonelo is a bloody mess after getting kidnapped.

The storm has come to KwaMashu, and its name is Njinji Magwaza. Sibonelo fell for the oldest trick in the book, a woman in distress.

Sibonelo has been the weakest link to the Bhebhe empire since season 8 began. He is being held hostage again in less than two months.

Things look more serious this time, though. I mean, remember when Abbas and Raphael kidnapped him? And Nkunzi had to go on a rescue mission? It looks like Uzalo is giving us a second take now.

Sibonelo is captive, and from the pictures released by the show, it will be a bloody event.

In Pictures: Uzalo spoiler alerts for week Monday 23 to Friday 27 May 2022

The last time we saw Sibonelo, he was going out with a mysterious lady, and on the showreels, we saw her introduce her mother, and it is Njinji herself. Njinji had a gun pointed at Sibonelo, and it looked like she was not afraid to use it.

Sibonelo is tight up in a bed, and blood is everywhere around him. Njinji had been relatively quiet throughout, but when Nkunzi shot Vika, that was it; he brought out the storm.

The show also shared Kwanda and Hleziphi’s intimate night.

Hleziphi plans to break Nonka, and Kwanda is in full force and turns very illicit, and we are the first ones to get the first glimpse.

In Pictures: Uzalo spoiler alerts for week Monday 23 to Friday 27 May 2022

As you know by now, Nonka is in serious trouble after Hleziphi lets Kwanda know that Nonka broke into his home. Hleziphi is working 24 hours a day to win Kwanda over, and now she has taken it to the next level.

Nonka will see a video of the two in the act, and obviously, this will be a deal-breaker. I mean, it should be.

Hleziphi’s return into Nonka’s life has brought so much pain to them, and it’s about to worsen.

Nonka will get a cleansing from a Sangoma soon, but it will be too late for her and Kwanda.

Feast your eyes, and things are really about to get very interesting.