Charity Ramabu Skeem Saam Is The New Turfloop Prophetess

charity ramabu

Charity Ramabu Skeem Saam Is The New Turfloop Prophetess

Since Koko Mantsha took a break is no longer in the picture, The producer and writer Winner Serithi quickly found a proper replacement. Her character was to give motivation and support to the community. She used to have visions that directed or guided the lost souls of turfloop like Rachel Kunutu’s marriage to Marothi.

Her leaving the show opened a void that needed to be filled quickly. Charity Ramabu, who’s also a prophetess. Her character has swapped heels, wigs, train wrecked relationships, a career at the hospital to be the saviour of Turfloop.

She receives messages, then recognizes and assesses her revelations, decides how to frame the message, and delivers the message to a person or people. When they receive the message they interpret its meaning and may not act upon it.

Notice how she’s so vested in Kelebogile’s case (the murdered beauty pageant that went missing last year), how she visited her father and revealed his secret; that he takes extra hours in the shower so that he can cry privately.