Breaking News On MaNgcobo Leaving Uzalo


Breaking News On MaNgcobo Leaving Uzalo

A report that stated news of Mangcobo leaving Uzalo has scared many viewers of the soapy. Now the viewers can relax to know that their favorite character MaNgcobo will still be on the screens of the favorite telenovela.

A report on Sunday World was only emphasizing that the rift between Mangobo and the producer of Uzalo was swelling due to salary increase negotiations. The award-winning actress and co-star Siyabonga Shibe who portrays Qhabanga we only feed up with being underpaid and probably threatened to leave the show


“Dawn is, in fact, among the actors who have a dark cloud hanging over their head, her attitude recently isn’t doing her any favor, She makes the writers and directors’ job difficult because she sometimes demands to change the story-lines,” a source told the publication.

Well, it seems there is very little truth to the claims as the admin of Uzalo’s Instagram page let know MaNqcobo isn’t going anywhere. A viewer of the show posted a comment, asking if MaNgcobo is really leaving Uzalo and the page admin responded with a plain and simple “No”.