Babes Wodumo Cries Out For Help See Here

Babes Wodumo Cries Out For Help See Here

Babes Wodumo Cries Out For Help See Here

Being a celebrity is both a curse and a blessing. Judging by the recent happenings seems it’s more of a curse than it is a blessing. Celebrities are vulnerable to online trolling and abuse, they can’t even retaliate because they have to maintain a clean image.

Babes Wodumo cries out for help see here

It is because of this reason that they end up bottling their troubles inside resulting to depression. The few that opens up on social media about their depression they are just ignored and the death of Ricky Ricky made all this clear to us.

After his death we realized that for long now he has been crying out for help but no one paid him attention. Now fans are worried that Babes Wodumo might also be crying out for help. This is after she shared her condolences messages to Ricky Ricky.

Her condolences message read ” lala Ndoda Nathi Siyeza” which means rest in peace see you soon. Now fans are worried why she is saying she is going to join him soon is she also planning to do die soon.

This won’t be a suprise considering the amount of hate she receives on social media. However others feel there is nothing wrong or alarming in her post as most people say it all the time.