Another Gupta ‘Deciple’ removed from board of Eskom


An alleged Gupta Member has been axed by the Public Enterprises Minister Lynne Brown.

A mission to clean up associates of Gupta, seem to be underway. This became more apparent when Brown removed Mabunde from the board of Eskom. On Friday, Brown has appointed four additional board member to strengthen heavily criticized the board for allegations of corruption.


Eskom is South Africa’s biggest state-owned company. The removal of Mabunde is a plan to destabilize any Gupta ties to members of the board. Apparently, Mabunde has some special relationship with the most Trending family in the country(Guptas), and this information has led to Mabunda not being reappointed.


Another Gupta ‘Disciple’ removed from board of Eskom.

Mabunda, Twice dismissed from the board of Eskom this year, following his firing by the minister of transport on the 20th February.

Gupta Family

The Cape Town International Airport upgrade is said to be targeted by the Guptas, which is said to be worth approximately R3.5 Billion.

Other Gupta friends on the Eskom board‚ not excluding former chairman Ben Ngubane. They have since departed in the past few months‚ following scandals involving the alleged Gupta’s capture of key state institutions.


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