All You Need To Know About KONKA, The Millionaire’s Playground

All You Need To Know About KONKA

No doubt of late, we can all agree that there are clubs, and then there’s KONKA! The famed Soweto hangout has been duped as a ‘millionaire’s playground’ where happiness is found by the rich and famous. The extravagant restaurant and nightclub are situated in Pimville, and it opened its doors late last year. Still, it has already become Mzansi’s most nuanced and even attracted international celebrities with its vibe.

However, the spot doesn’t come cheap, and it’s a place for big spenders. You have to dig deep to have a table before we even talk about the VIP experience. A good night at Konka comes with a heavy price tag, and let’s hangout into Konka’s expensive vibe.

VIP Parking Lot

Viral pictures of million-dollar cars have been the signature of Konka. You are not advised to park near the entrance despite not being told if you are not driving a luxurious German car.

Well, the section has been relatively reserved for the most expensive rides in South Africa. Shauwn Mkhize once made all sorts of headlines when she showed up with her expensive wheel alongside her family members and friends. It’s essential to respect this simple unwritten rule.

Popping Expensive Bottles

At Konka, the cheapest bottle of champagne costs around R1400. However, several big spenders have taken it to social media, showing off their receipts and Mzansi was left shocked after a viral receipt of roughly R224 000 flooded social media.

KONKA! the millionaire’s playground

A Place for Designer clothes

Also, big spenders are usually dressed in expensive clothes that cost a fortune. Viral pictures have seen customers wearing designer clothes such as Gucci, LV and Prada.

However, the late Killer Kau once revealed that his expensive clothing lines were in no match with those of customers at Konka despite being a celeb.

Who is Konka Owner

Well, from operating in a shack to owning a booming business empire, the story of Kutlwano Pitso from Orlando East, Soweto. The business mogul started opening Moja Cafe in a shack in Orlando East.

However, a few years later, he founded the Konka club. Moja Cafe is a disorderly brand that specializes in 3 pillars: a restaurant, car wash, entertainment hub; Konka club is an opulent lifestyle restaurant situated in Pimville in Soweto.

The club has seen almost every Mzansi celeb gracing the venue. Its star-studded DJ’s has got Mzansi talking. Musical sensations include DJ Phori, Cassper Nyovest, Major League DJs, and DJ Zinhle.