Actress Sihle Ndaba Talk About Her Role On ‘Gomora’ and ‘Scandal!’

Sihle Ndaba

Award-winning actress Sihle Ndaba, recently opened up about her Gomora role Miss Manzi and her latest role on Scandal! as Dudu Kubeka.  The actress told Sunday World that her character Dudu is a 26-year-old business management graduate whose skills are helpful in the family business.

Ndaba stated that her character gets so consumed by work that she often sacrifices her freedom to chase the dream.   “Duduzile is such a beast, I like to call her the savage, she’s fancy, boujee, and also very nasty. She is always trying to please her father and when daddy says something must be done she’ll do it. Dudu is about to shock viewers at home, there are a lot of good surprises.”  

She also assured viewers that Dudu is here to stay and that there are definitely some love interests in store for Dudu.


Ndaba says that transitioning from Miss Manzi to Dudu hasn’t been easy as she’s still trying to figure out who Dudu is. She played the role of Miss Manzi who was one of the most hated characters on Gomora season one.  Viewers criticised her character, Miss Manzi for raping her high school learner, Teddy, and not taking responsibility for her actions.

“The backlash of my previous character mostly happened on social media but Thank God for masks.I was able to avoid being attacked for that character I played.”  

The actress believes that her Gomora role was important as it educated people in the community about GBV (Gender-based violence) and that it can happen to boys and men too.