A look At Skeem Saam Thabo Maputla Business Empire That Made Him To Quit Acting

Skeem Saam Thabo Maputla

Cornet Mamabolo recently pulled a shocker when he called it quits when it comes to acting. The seasoned actor is best known for his solar performances on Skeem Saam as Thabo. We can all agree that Skeem Saam won’t be the same without him. However, in the wake of his exit, we have been introduced to his business empire that made him quit acting. We can all now agree that Cornet Mamabolo does not only make his money from acting. He currently owns and runs a big business empire in Limpopo.

No doubt he is that actor we all hate to love. However, in Limpopo, Mamabolo owns a library. Apart from the library he also has various businesses under his name. On the other hand, he is the founder and owner and Digni Financial Services and the owner of the clothing brand Cutty Denim.

Speaking to the media the businessman has it that the objective of him going into business is to ensure that his family has enough and his children won’t struggle in life. He also encourages young people to pursue business opportunities at a young age. While he believes business is the only way to financial freedom, he acknowledges the path is not straight. Mamabolo called upon the youth to have the courage to take risks.

“I believe in creating wealth now while I’m young, so I can accrue the benefits of my hard labour later. “Business is no walk in the park, but it’s rewarding in the end. Young people are scared of taking risks, but in business, that’s what one does,” said the Limpopo-born soapie actor.