101-Year-Old Spanish Flu and World War 2 Survivor Beat COVID-19 Too

101-Year-Old Spanish Flu and World War 2 Survivor Beat COVID-19 Too

The hospital has finally discharged the 101-year-old man who was suffering from a recent attack of COVID-19. This information was declared by Gloria Lisi who is the deputy mayor for the Italian city of Rimini. It was reported that Rimini Hospital admitted the old man in the month of March after he tested positive for the virus. Information about his name was disclosed, so the old man can only be identified as “Mr. P”.

He was later discharged from the hospital on 26 March 2020. Moreover, the mayor mentioned how remarkable his recovery was, considering his age. This news gave the city of Italy and other places in the world hope for the future if an old man managed to beat this pandemic.

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Spanish Flu Pandemic

In 1919, when the Spanish Flu hit the world, this world was born. It was recorded that the flue killed thirty to fifty million people across the globe. However, the old man managed to survive the Spanish flu as an infant. For a man who was born during World War I and II, he is surely strong enough to recover from this deadliest virus without a vaccine.

He is now the oldest patient to recover from COVID-19 in Italy, probably in the world as it stands. Italian media reported.  When he was born the Spanish flu took the lives of more than 600 000 in Italy, but he was spared.

100 Years Later he beats COVID-19

A century later Mr. P finds himself admitted to a hospital, apparently to the same hospital he was born. During his admission, the nurses and doctors were rather hopeless since the virus attacks people over 65 years old more. “His recovery became the story everyone in the hospital wanted to talk about,” said Lisi. She added that “ everyone saw hope for the future after seeing a 100-year-old recover from COVID-19.

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