For 10 Years This Man Ordered Pizza Every Day When Employees Suddenly Realize Something Is Not Right

At the age of 48, Kirk Alexander was a resident of Salem, Oregon. Kirk loved pizza. He had been ordering from Domino’s every day for the past decade. One day, the restaurant did not receive any order from Kirk. The employees wondered why he hadn’t placed an order, and felt as though something was out of the ordinary.

Loved By Everyone

Everyone around the world can relate with a love for the cheesiness that is pizza. We know the food and we love the food. Did you know that the US really loves pizza and around 3 billion pizzas are sold annually? It sounds like a lot of pizza to me!


A Regular

The general manager of his DOmino’s branch, Sarah Fuller exclaimed, “he orders every day, every other day. “His order pops up on the screen because he orders online. So we see it come across the screen and we’re like, ‘Oh, Kirk’s order.’”

Forming Connection

Sarah Fuller first met Alexader in 2009. This was when she first started working at Dominos and was a delivery driver. She got to know Kirk during this time and learned that he worked from home, rarely left his home, and had a history of health problems in the past

The Man

Kirk was a rather quiet man, he went about his business and did his own thing. Some would say an introvert of sorts. However, Domino’s family were fond of him and appreciated his loyalty. His neighbors, though, had something more to say.


When speaking to a few of his neighbors one who lives across the street from him said they do not often see him, “I knock on the door every once in a while but sometimes he answers,” Robert Lalonde said. Very seldom does he ever answer the door.”


Mixed Reviews

Although that was his experience with one neighbor others had different opinions. It is a pity Kirk did not make more effort, you will soon understand why it is so important to maintain relationships in life

Good Guy

Ben Theodoriches another neighbor said, “He’s a pretty good guy – kind of stayed away from everybody. He’s come over a couple of times and helped us fix computers and, you know, he’s just good at that.”

Very Familiar

With regards to familiarity, Sarah explained, “Our delivery drivers he knows really well, because obviously he has conversations with them at the door.” Which made sense, as Kirk had been an extremely loyal customer for the better part of the past 10 years.

11 Days With No Order

Kirk’s order suddenly halted for a few days, it left the staff with a weird and horrible feeling. In the beginning, they thought maybe he simply went on a trip, to visit friends or family maybe even a business trip

Continuing Like Normal

All they could do was return to their regular lives and act as nothing had happened. They were certain that Kirk would order again soon. Unfortunately, that day never came and the team began to worry.

A Friend To The Employees

As more and more days went by with no order, Fuller was asked by one of the delivery drivers who had noticed that Kirk had not placed a recent order in quite a while now. She decided to do a little digging

The System

She decided to check the system and became aware that it had been 11 days with no order now. This was extremely unusual and she felt rather uneasy at this idea, she needed to find out that everything was alright.

Out Of Character

Kirk never went 11 days without ordering. They initially felt like they were overreacting but at a certain point, they could no longer ignore it. It was very strange for Kirk to stop ordering. Something serious was happening.

Enjoyed Each Item

Fuller felt that something was off..he had been too loyal to them for too long, the staff knows him well and knew him as a quiet, friendly, and kind man. “He orders all the time, so we know him,” explained Fuller.

A Drive-By

He had become somewhat family to some of the employees. Kirk was so well-known that the staff members knew just how long his tips were and they knew they would never be this long. Was it maybe that he had changed to a different pizza chain?

Trying To Understand

The staff at Dominos had gotten to know Kirk over the years. The delivery people were excited to deliver him each day. They started to consider if he was ordering from somewhere else and they couldn’t help but feel bad about this possibility.


He enjoyed the entire menu at Domino’s, he had no usual order, “Kirk is a very well-known customer, but he doesn’t have a regular order – he’ll order anything from pasta or pizza to sandwiches or wings. It’s never the same thing every time.”

Always Surprising Him

Kirk was not the type to just order a cheese pizza. I mean think about it, he ordered every day, you think it was the same exact item each time? Instead, he would try every item on the menu. Even when they made new items, he was the first to try them.

Reaching Out To 911

The staff at Domino’s were becoming more worried by the day that there may be another reason behind the disappearance, and it was tasting sour. Finally, Fuller sent an employee to his house for a check-up.

Calling For Help

Tracey Hamblen, a delivery driver, went on his way to see just exactly what was up. Tracey walked up to the front door and he noticed that the lights were on inside his home. As he got closer he could hear the television.

Checking Things Out

Fuller decided it was time to do something. It was a slow night on May 8th at 1 a.m. when Fuller sent the delivery man on duty, Tracey Hamblen to go over to Alexander’s home.


Tracey came to Kirks home, unprepared for what he would see. He was sent to check things out on his own and he hoped to return with happy news. He stepped out f his car and walked towards the front door.

His Findings

When he saw the lights in the home on, he started to get excited, he was there! Then he started to question himself, if Kirk was inside with the lights on that meant he was not on vacation. If he was not on vacation, then why wasn’t he ordering?

A Knock

He knocked on the door and waited for a response. It was evident that someone had to have been inside, all the signs were there. So he knocked again, he thought for sure Kirk would answer.

Ignoring Him

He repeatedly knocked on the door but heard no response. He removed his phone from his pocket and began to dial Kirk. Still, no response. By that point, he was nervous.

No Answer

“He wasn’t answering his door but there were lights on,” Fuller said, “and you could hear the TV playing,” she said on Good Morning America. They called him a bunch of times but after  no answer the decided to call 911.

Making The Decision

“He came back to the store and that’s when we went ahead and decided to place the 911 call.”  All the same, the workers were all worried and decided it was the best thing to do. “Kind of scared, worried,” Fuller said. “What happened? What was going on?”

Lucky Charm

Hamblen had knocked on the door again and again to no answer. He had called Alexander and it simply went to voicemail each time. He knew something was wrong, he felt it in his gut.

The Call

When he returned to the restaurant his coworkers agreed with him about calling 911. They decided that they had to go with their instincts and that they rather wanted to be safe than sorry.

Sigh Of Relief

It was a unanimous decision once they had discussed it and Hamblen decided to call 911, He began, “Well, I need some help on what to do, it could be an emergency.”

A Humbling Experience

“This is Domino’s Pizza and we have a customer that usually orders like every night from us. And he hasn’t ordered in 11 days.” The operator asked for all the details and called the Marion County sheriff’s department.

Explaining The Situation

Hamblen told the operators on the phone that Kirk had not placed an order for over 10 days and this is unusual behavior, it hadn’t happened in all 10 years of his loyalty to the fast-food branch

A Bit Bizarre

The police force and 911 operator must have been pretty surprised to hear this story and know that this man’s disappearance had been noticed by his beloved Domino’s branch. Either way, they felt the suspicion.

Legendary Story

The sheriff dispatched officers to Alexander’s house, uncertain of exactly what they would find. They knocked at his door as they arrived and called out his name over and over.


Sarah explained, “I guess they could hear him inside, yelling for help. So they broke down the door and the paramedics got in and got him down to the hospital.” According to previous reports, Kirk has a history of strokes in his past.

Super Supportive

Surprisingly, they received a response. They were all too familiar with the sound of someone calling for help. As they bashed down the door and rushed in they found him lying on the floor. He was in and out of consciousness it seemed.

Help Is On The Way

They radioed in for an ambulance which arrived as quickly as it could to assess Alexander. Upon arrival, the paramedics did their best work and were able to transport Alexander to a nearby hospital.

Found At Last

The officers reported that as they broke in and found him sprawled across the floor he was “in need of immediate medical attention.”If even one more day had passed it would have been too late.

Astounding Reward

It looked as though he had had another stroke, the paramedics were thankfully able to resuscitate him. However, there was a lot of missing information, unanswered questions and no one had witnessed the situation to inform him.


It was a miracle they had found him just in time, and the medical team on site was available to save him. He was going to recover fully. The staff at Domino’s were extremely excited to hear that their hunch had paid off and he was going to be fine.

All Together

“We’re like a family here, and we were glad we were able to do something to help. We hope he’s able to fully recover from this,” said Fuller. The employees were relieved that they had followed their instincts.

Help Recover

“We want to give him flowers, cards,” Seiber explained, “hopefully help him recover faster knowing that people do care about him.” It is rather inspiring to see just how people come together and are willing to help in unfortunate situations.

First Day

“The first day we saw him he was a little out of it, just yes and no questions, and then I went back on Monday and he was doing a lot better,” Seiber said.


Seiber continued to say, “We saw him yesterday and he had been moved to the rehabilitation center at the hospital and he was saying a little bit more.” She had truly been by his side and showing him support.

Very Tired

She went on to say, “He’s still really tired but he seems to be doing a lot better and making a recovery.” Jenny Fouracre, director of public relations at Domino’s headquarters in Ann Arbor, Michigan, released a statement saying that this is exactly what Domino’s customer service is about.

Proud Of The Team

“We are proud of our team members who took the initiative to reach out and help a regular customer who was in distress. There are thousands of Domino’s stores across the country, but every store is really a part of their neighborhood, delivering to people in their homes, which means we often get to know our customers well,” she said.

Many Stories

Further explaining, “We have many stories of how our stores have helped regular customers in ways that are big and small over the years, which is a level of customer service and commitment to our communities that we hope everyone will emulate.

Doing Their Job

Fuller said that they did not see themselves as heroes, “I think we were just doing our job checking in on someone we know who orders a lot. We felt like we needed to do something.”


The employees had shown such compassion and humility it was an incredible sight. Although, the media did not hesitate to blow up the story and it spread throughout the country. It was not over just yet…


Fuller and her assistant manager, Jenny Seiber, were invited to be interviewed on Good Morning America. The two were asked to recall the happenings. The hosts sincerely thanked the staff for following their instincts and abiding by there morals.


The pair managed to give a few updates on Alexander’s condition after they visited him in hospital. Seiber and host Robin Roberts that she had visited him three times since his admission at the hospital.

Out Of It

She explained how the first day he was rather “out of it” and he was only answering yes or no. However, as the days went on he was making great progress and on the third day managed to be moved into the rehabilitation ward.

Big Surprise

The two employees received a major surprise for their efforts… Roberts announced, “Since you guys are superheroes, we’re gonna send you to Captain America: Civil War.” The entire staff was given tickets but this was not all…

Las Vegas

The corporate office of Domino’s would be sending the managers and delivery man Tracey Hamblen to the Domino’s Worldwide Rally. This is an annual convention hosted in Las Vegas for Domino’s members. The trio was definitely deserving after saving a life as they did.


These Domino’s employees were being heavily praised from all directions for what they had done. They had saved a life and in the most unconventional way, however, the next praise they did not expect and truly made them feel some type of way.

The Sheriff

The Marion County Sheriff’s Office explained: “Thanks to the quick actions of Mr. Hamblen, Mr. Alexander is in stable condition at the Salem Hospital.” It is crazy to think that because this man was so loyal to Domino’s it saved his life.

Personal Thanks

“The Sheriff’s Office would like to personally thank Mr. Hamblen for his quick actions and willingness to take time out of his day to care for others.” These heroic employees definitely deserve their reward.

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