10 Things DJ Sliqe Can’t Live Without!

Dj Slique

10 Things DJ Sliqe Can’t Live Without!

10 Things DJ Sliqe Can’t Live Without! DJ Sliqe is the first hip-hop DJ to win a South African Music Award (SAMA) in the ‘Best Remix’ category. If you go by one of his hits ‘Injayam’, he’s also the people’s person.

He has made hits with some of the biggest artists South Africa has to offer and has already achieved a lot in his twenties. We can’t wait for all the hits DJ Sliqe will make in this new decade. Sliqe recently took some time to share his daily essentials with SA Hip Hop. Check them out below.

Jesus – If I didn’t depend on God for direction I’d be lost, people are unreliable.

Fruits – I’m vegetarian so I love fruits more than veggies

Water – I drink a lot of water it’s like my juice at this point

Music – Music regulates my moods and my consciousness

Love – Love for life and human beings, without love you have a cold heart. I love what I do, I love my friends and family, I love myself, God, strangers, people with good hearts.

Companionship – Without friends and family that genuinely care about you I don’t know how life would be

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Knowledge/Information – I’m always learning new things, it’s what keeps me going. I don’t like repetition

Movies & Series with Story

Nature – I have a lot of plants in my house, my mansion later in life would probably have more green than bricks. I love nature and being in it

Food – I love good tasting food, I’ll taste whatever tastes good lol


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